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  41 Darlot Street Horsham   03 5382 2694   Licensed BYO wine only  
  Thai Basil, Horsham
  Thai Basil dining room

A word on Thai
Thai food is generally not served in courses. All Thai food dishes are ordered together and eaten in whatever order they arrive, permitting dinners to enjoy a mix and match of diverse tastes. Soups are enjoyed together with rice and other Thai dishes, not independently as in the manner of European dining.

Spicy Thai dishes are balanced by sweet, salty and sour dishes. The perfect Thai food meal is a subtle mix of spicy, sweet, salty and sour which is equally satisfying to eye, nose and palate. A typical Thai meal might include an entrée, soup, a stir-fry and a spicy Thai salad. This might be followed by dessert and/or fresh fruit.

Thai ingredients, herbs & spices
Basil With an exceptional reputation for authentic flavours and outstanding  service, Thai Basil, Licensed Restaurant in Horsham welcomes you warmly.
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